The Smithsonian Institution’s Global Tree Banding Project is a citizen science program that contributes to research about tree biomass by tracking how trees respond to climate.  Students around the globe are monitoring the rate at which their local trees grow and learn how that rate corresponds to Smithsonian research as well as comparing the work to other students worldwide.

But at Penn State Brandywine, we are going beyond the requirements of the Smithsonian project.  Instead of only taking two measurements in the spring and two measurements in the fall, we are taking measurements every two weeks.  We started taking measurements of ten trees on campus April 3, 2012, and we will continue until each and every tree outgrows its tree band.  As a result, we have a rich database that not only contributes to scientific research but can serve as a foundation for student inquiry-based projects.

Learn more about our trees and measurements, and how you can explore the data for yourself.

WE ARE… helping create the first global observatory of how trees respond to climate, contributing vital information to an important ecological study.

WE ARE… learning more about our own local campus environment and its place in Earth’s systems.

WE ARE… conducting Earth Science research at Penn State Brandywine!