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The Steady Thermal Aero Research Turbine (START) Laboratory focuses on innovating turbine cooling using true-scale engine hardware, developing sensors and instrumentation for smart turbines, advancing additive manufacturing for turbine applications, and integrating and embedding sensors through additive manufacturing.

The Experimental and Computational Convection Laboratory (ExCCL) conducts experimental and computational studies of fundamental turbulence and applied convective heat transfer. Subjects being researched include freestream turbulence effects on gas turbine blade boundary layers, endwall secondary flow effects, turbine blade cooling techniques, and additively manufactured heat exchangers.

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Mechanical engineering grad student innovates gas turbine heat sensors

Erin Cassidy Hendrick January 14, 2020 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Shawn Siroka, a doctoral student in the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering, is using his talents to innovate new heat flux sensors in gas turbine engines. In the Steady Thermal Aero Research...

Bashir Mekki Awarded the Prestigious NASA ARMD Fellowship

Bashir Mekki, a second-year graduate student at ExCCL lab recently received NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) fellowship. The award is one of only five fellowships awarded to majority serving institutions across the nation. Mekki’s research work...

Penn State awarded $3.3M to develop more efficient gas turbines

Erin Cassidy Hendrick November 06, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Researchers in the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering have been awarded more than a combined $3.3 million to support advancements in the performance and efficiency of combustion turbines and...

START Lab awarded $6 million to develop national experimental turbine

Collaborative turbine design to increase sustainability, security of the nation’s energy infrastructure Erin Cassidy Hendrick September 04, 2019 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — With industry support, the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Lab (DOE-NETL) has...

START and ExCCL Make Strong Showing at 2019 TurboExpo in Phoenix

This year's ASME TurboExpo, held in Phoenix on June 17-21, 2019, brought students and faculty from START and ExCCL to present their research findings.  The papers listed below are those that were presented at this year's TurboExpo by our students.  And, for the first...

About the Turbine Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics Group

We welcome you to the website for our ExCCL and START Labs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State.  These two laboratories have a long history of doing relevant research applied to gas turbine engines and, in particular, cooling of turbine airfoils.  We also have a long history of providing exciting research projects for our students who gain a deep understanding of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, experimental methods, and computational methods.  Our labs are honored to have been named Centers of Excellence by two turbine manufacturers:  Pratt & Whitney and Solar Turbines.  These two companies along with several other engine manufacturers as well as government agencies provide relevant and challenging research projects to which we contribute innovative solutions.  We hope you enjoy learning more about what we do from our website.

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