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With industry support, the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Lab (DOE-NETL) is collaborating with the Penn State Steady Thermal Aero Research Turbine (START) Lab to spearhead the development of a National Experimental Turbine (NExT) rig, an initiative to help modernize the nation’s energy infrastructure.

NExT Goals

  1. Develop an advanced turbine geometry for US companies and institutions that provides a platform for acquiring detailed data for tool development.
  2. Measure detailed baseline data to be provided to the industry partners.
  3. Once developed, the advanced turbine can be used by the industry partners to develop proprietary designs that can be quickly and cheaply tested.


Sponsorship for this project is from the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Lab and the industry partners:

Project Schedule


Solicit input from partners on NExT geometry and requirements

Perform turbine design vendor bidding and selection

Kick-off of conceptual design

Hold conceptual design review


Hold preliminary and detailed design reviews

Procure hardware


Continue procurement and delivery of all NExT hardware

Test additively manufactured blades and vanes

Test cast blades and vanes


Continue turbine testing

The NExT Team

For more information about the NExT project, click here.