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Technical Writing and Communication!

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ENGL 202C, Technical Writing and Communication, serves students who are studying and preparing for careers in the sciences and applied sciences, including engineering.

This advanced course will familiarize you with the discourse practices prized in your disciplinary and institutional communities–and help you to manage those practices effectively in your own communication work.

In this way the course teaches those communication and writing strategies and tactics that scientists, engineers, and others will need in order to write successfully on the job. You can expect to:

· Develop a range of writing processes appropriate to various writing tasks.
· Identify and analyze your readers in a way that forms a sound basis for deciding how to write to them.
· Reveal the organization of your communications by using forecasting and transitional statements, headings, and effective page/document design.
· Design and use tables, graphs, and technical illustrations.
· Compose effective sentences.
· Evaluate and revise your documents.
· Collaborate with peers to provide feedback on each others’ work and occasionally write together.
· Write ethically and responsibly.



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