Cliff Lissenden


Cliff Lissenden, Ph.D.



Phone: +1 (814)-863-5754

Office: 411D Earth & Engineering Sciences Building, University Park, PA 16802

Anurup Guha is satisfied with the nonlinear guided wave setup for monitoring the early stages of damage in an aluminum sample during fatigue. This test uses magnetostrictive transducers, air-coupled transducers, and PVDF transducers.

PennSUL has teamed up with Penn State’s CIMP-3D to improve the reliability of AM parts. A noncontact laser ultrasonics system is being investigated to use Rayleigh waves to monitor the build process during additive manufacturing of metallic parts. An Nd:YAG laser generates ultrasonic waves, which are later received by an adaptive interferometer. The received signals are analyzed to assess defects, material properties, and heterogeneity.

The PRINSE System: Proactive robotic inspection of nuclear storage enclosures