Joseph L. Rose

Recent Publications of Joseph L. Rose

  1. J. L. Rose, J. Philtron, G. Liu, Y. Zhu, M. Han, “A hybrid ultrasonic guided wave-fiber optic system for flaw detection in pipe,” MDPI Appl. Sci. 8, 727 (2018). View
  2. J. L. Rose, “Aspects of a hybrid analytical finite element method approach for ultrasonic guided wave inspection design,” ASME J. N. Eval. Diag. Prog. of Engr. Sys. 1, 011001 (2018). View
  3. J. L. Rose, C. Borigo, S. Owens, and A. Reese, “Rapid large area inspection from a single sensor position: A guided shear wave phased array scan,” Mat. Eval. 75, 671–678 (2017). View