PSU Chapter Bylaws

The Cornerstone of Alpha Pi Mu at Penn State

1.The chapter shall further limit the National Constitution induction requirements to the top fifth of class with a minimum grade point average of 3.20 for juniors and top third of class and a minimum 3.00 for seniors on a 4.00 scale.

2.The duties of the chapter president shall be to act as a liaison between the Penn State Chapter and the National Office, assuring that all responsibilities of the chapter are discharged and on time. It is the president’s duty to contact a speaker for the fall term induction.

3.The duties of the chapter vice – president shall be to act as a liaison between chapter members and the officers. It is his/her job to make sure adequate feedback channels exist within the chapter. It is his/her responsibility to conduct a candidate’s meeting of prospective initiates during the fall term.

4.The duties of the chapter treasurer shall be to assure there is adequate financial backing of the organization. If monetary resources are lacking, it is his/her job to initiate ventures that will obtain for the chapter the resources it needs. It is also his/her responsibility to check eating places for the fall term and determine which facility offers the chapter the best location and prices for initiation ceremonies.

5.The duties of the chapter secretary shall be to advise members of the upcoming meetings either by letter or by phone. It is his/her job to contract the printing of the stationary and the initiation programs.

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