Information about this online tool

This is an online tool that manure pit designCFD Preview Imageers and field engineers can use to predict how long a confined-space manure storage needs to be ventilated before it is safe to enter. Airflow through the animal living space above (barn) is also simulated, and can be used to determine whether or not animals need to be evacuated from the barn during pit ventilation.

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How it works

The online tool is essentially a simulation model configurator with a pre-defined smart template for a Flow Simulation project. Several SolidWorks models have been created that can be altered from design tables. The web interface for the online tool gathers input data from the user for various dimensions, allows the user to select which features to enable or disable, and then replaces the values in the design table for each model. Once the user is satisfied with their model, they can save it and mark it for solving. Solving is queue-based, and is performed on a fast PC which was built specifically for this project. A report and results files are then made available for the user to download. Since the Flow project is pre-defined, the user does not need to know anything about CFD to use this tool.

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