Issue 2.2 Asian Empires and Imperialism (Fall 2016)

Table of Contents, Volume 2 – Issue 2


Editors’ Introduction

Asian Empires Revisited: Decentering Imperialism | Erica Brindley and OnCho Ng



MAGO and Communal Ritual as Decolonial Praxis: An Exchange with Dohee Lee | Crystal Mun-hye Baik


A Collaborative Review of Grassroots Fascism: The War Experience of the Japanese People by Yoshimi Yoshiaki | Ethan Mark, Aaron William Moore, Sheldon Garon, and Reto Hofmann


Playing at Empire: The Ludic Fantasy of Sugoroku in Early-Twentieth-Century Japan, curated | Charlotte Eubanks


Chinese Empires in Comparative Perspective: A Digital Approach | Hilde De Weerdt, Chu Ming-kin, and Ho Hou-Ieong

Mapping China’s History | Peter K. Bol


The Imaginal Bond of “Empire” and “Civilization” in Eurasian History | Pamela Kyle Crossley

“Uncle Sam Said Very Clearly You Are Not a Country”: Independence Activists and the Mapping of Imperial Cosmologies in Taiwan | Derek Sheridan

Cripping the Philippine Enlightenment: Ilustrado Travel Literature, Postcolonial Disability, and the “Normate Imperial Eye/I” | Sony Coráñez Bolton

Kaneshiro Kazuki’s GO and the American Racializing of Zainichi Koreans | David S. Roh

Laboring between Empires: Coolie Solidarity and the Limits of the Chinese Civic Association in Havana, 1872 | Margaret Mih Tillman

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