Issue 3.2 Between Asia and Latin America: New Transpacific Perspectives (Fall 2017)

Table of Contents, Volume 3 – Issue 2

Editors’ Introduction

Remapping the Transpacific: Critical Approaches between Asia and Latin America by Andrea Bachner and Pedro Erber



Why Asia and Latin America? by Jeffrey Lesser, Evelyn Hu-Dehart, and Ignácio Lopez-Calvo


Violent Media, Chinese Fantasies: Salvador Elizondo’s “Execution by Shooting in China” by Andrea Bachner


The Emergence of the Contemporary: Japanese Postwar Art in Twenty-First-Century Brazil by Pedro Erber

Field Trip

Approaches Between Asia and Latin America: A Critical Renga by Andrea Bachner, Christopher Bush, Christopher L. Hill, Ana Carolina Hosne, Rosario Hubert, Seth Jacobowitz, André Keiji Kunigami, Andrew Leong, and Zelideth María Rivas


Asia-Latin America as Method: The Global South Project and the Dis-location of the West by Junyoung Verónica Kim

Non-encounter as Relation: Cannibals and Poison Women in the Consumption of Difference by Andrea Mendoza

Mexico City’s “Chinos” and “Barrio Chino”: Strangerness and Community in Cristina Rivera Garza’s Verde Shanghai (2011) by Maria Montt Strabucchi

Inherited Destinies: Discourses of Territorial Loss in Postcolonial States Across the Pacific (Peru and the Philippines, 1903–1927) by Jorge Bayona

“Training Guatemalan Campesinos to Work Like Korean Peasants”: Taxonomies and Temporalities of East Asian Labor Management in Latin America by Joo Ok Kim


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