Issue 4.1 Frontiers (Spring 2018)

Table of Contents


Editors’ Introduction

Can the Frontier Write Back?  | Nathan Hopson and Ran Zwigenberg



Premodern History and the Frontiers of the South China Sea |Megan Bryson, Andrew Chittick, James Anderson, Catherine Churchman, and Erica Fox Brindley

Field Trip

Decolonizing Science in Asia |Prakash Kumar, Projit Bihari Mukharji, and Amit Prasad


Representation, Adaptation, and Preservation at the Frontiers in East Asian Art curated | Erin Schoneveld and Sarah Laursen


Takahashi Tomio’s Henkyō, the Universal Japanese Frontier (an Interpretation) translated by | Nathan Hopson


A Landscape over There: Rethinking Translocality in Zhang Lu’s Border-Crossing Films | Ran Ma

Not at All Costs: Frontier Modernization Schemes and Ethnic Minority Livelihood Debates in the Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands | Jean-François Rousseau and Sarah Turner

“Wings of the New Japan”: Kamikaze, Kimonos, and Airline Branding in Postwar Japan | Yoshiko Nakano

Everest from on High: British Imperial Aerial Expedition to the Himalayan Frontiers, 1932–1934 | Joppan George

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