Issue 4.2 Indigeneity (Fall 2018)


Table of Contents


Editors’ introduction
We Are (Are We?) All Indigenous Here, and Other Claims about Space, Place, and Belonging in Asia | Charlotte Eubanks and Pasang Yangjee Sherpa


Field Trip
Thinking with Indigeneity: Imperatives and Provocations| Lindsay Skog

Indigeneity at Sea | RDK Herman, Yu-ting Huang, Dean Itsuji Saranillio, and Erin Suzuki

Introduction: Continuing Community Collaborations and the Transient Digital | Pasang Yangjee Sherpa

What Next for Digital Himalaya?: Reflections on Community, Continuity, and Collaboration | Mark Turin

Orality and Mobility: Documenting Himalayan Voices in New York City | Nawang Gurung, Ross Perlin, Daniel Kaufman, Mark Turin, and Sienna R. Craig

A Collaborative Review of Trans-Indigenous: Methodologies for Global Native Literary Studies by Chadwick Allen | Hsinya Huang, Rob wilson, and Alice Te Punga Somerville

Alternative Indigeneity in China?: The Paradox of the Buyi in the Age of Ethnic Branding | Yu luo

An Artful Way of Making Indigenous Space | Megumi Chibana

Getting Connected: Indigeneity, Information, and Communications Technology Use and Emerging Media Practices in Sarawak | Christine Horn, Patricia Philip, and Clement Langet Sabang

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