Issue 6.2: Infrastructures and Global Political Aesthetics (Fall 2020)

Editors’ Introduction
Dreams of Infrastructure in Global Asias | Jessamyn R. Abel and Leo Coleman


The Efficient Ruin of Infrastructure | Curated by Carrie Cushman and Nicholas Risteen

Violence and Hope: The Aesthetic Force of Infrastructures | Corey Byrnes, Mubbashir Rizvi, and Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda

A & Q
Infrastructures of Inter-Asian Connection: Scripts, Media, Movement | Xiao Liu, Shuang Shen, Raja Adal, Ram Bhat, and Elmo Gonzaga

Sociality, Circulation, Transaction: WeChat’s Infrastructural Affordances | Gabriele de Seta

Building Highland Asia in the Twenty-First Century | Alessandro Rippa, Galen Murton, and Matthäus Rest

Redundancy, Resilience, Repair: Infrastructural Effects in Borderland Spaces | Edward Boyle and Sara Shneiderman 

Digital Futures: Aesthetic Stability and the Fictional Infrastructure of Hyderabad’s Special Economic Zones | Philippe Messier

“this land was the sea”: The Intimacies and Ruins of Transnational Sand in Singapore | Joanne Leow

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