Unilateral government- good or bad?

In an argument entitled “Presidents Cannot Ignore Laws as Written” by Elizabeth Price Foley, the duties of Congress and the president are clearly defined at the very beginning, and soon followed by the consequences of violation. The use of threatening verb, such as ” break down” or “erode”, in the consequences figures the cause and effect chart in the readers’ heads, and creates more or less panic in their mind. The examples given  in the subsequent paragraphs are supported by the reference to particular laws, the most consistent and reliable evidence. The author also mentions the benefit of unilateral presidential lawmaking, showing that she accepts this advantage. However, she adds even more disadvantages which far outweigh all the benefits. In the last paragraph, she illustrated more unsatisfactory consequences and compare the government with a rubber stamp, leaving the readers with the feeling of uncertainty and distrust of the presidential orders.

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