We are so different…

I am a small girl coming from a small town in a small country, called “Thailand”. My same old high school life in neighborhood has been replaced by a hectic pace of college life in the place far away from home. It is the biggest transition I have ever encountered. Penn State is such a huge university that one can graduate without knowing ninety percent of the students, and there are so many students in the class that one can see different people sitting beside him or her throughout the semester. I keep telling myself that this is the reason why I literally don’t have any friends even though three weeks have already passed. Apparently, I have been taking, or to be more accurate, trying to take another key reason for granted. We are so different.

Oh! Sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Varumporn Pimsen. Yes, it is difficult, and I never feel offended when people pronounce it wrong. Rather, I find myself enjoying hearing my given name in many different versions. Do not panic! I am not a name maniac or something. You can simply call me “Proud”, which I bet, will make your life far easier. Let me continue with what I have just said. To be honest, the barrier between us is like air. Nobody sees, but everyone knows that it exists. The most obvious thing people notice at first sight is hair color. Yes, there are also a lot of Americans who have got dark hair color. Nevertheless, everybody can tell right away that we are not from the same place. The very black hair, black eyes and many other characteristics effectively serve the purpose of distinguishing me from other students.   I felt as if there were a continuous voice coming out, telling others that I am Asians, that I cannot speak English fluently, that they had better stay away from me, and for the most part, that we are too different.   I know that I am being very pessimistic, but to be honest, that is how I really feel. Many people told me to talk more to people, and I have already tried, but failed. I have never had any negative attitude towards “difference” before, since I know that not everybody is alike. Perhaps, I should try harder or accept the result of these differences.


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