World In Conversation: The Discussion that Open Your World

“World In Conversation” is a forum for the discussions around sensitive social issues which students do not typically talk about in daily life, such as US race relation and gender. The conversation I attended was in Pond Lab under the topic of US race relation. The purpose of this discussion is to revolutionize the cross-cultural relationship between the participants, and change conflict to collaboration.

The conversation started with a brief introduction of each participant, which helped us get to know one another better and created a relaxing atmosphere due to the friendliness and several senses of humor the participants show in their individual speaking. The decreasing of tension and nervousness, subsequently, encouraged members to express their opinions openly and sincerely while retaining respect towards one another. Even though the majority of the participants are white, a small group of two Asians and another black student were not taken for granted. The facilitators encouraged us to share ours ideas and opinions while other members listened with high respect and attention. For example, when we discussed the definition of the word “Black” and “White”, the only black student in the conversation had chance to show and explain her identity with pride and dignity.

Not only does  the “World In Conversation” truly open and unbiased, but it also gets every single participant engaged in the discussion and contributes to a tremendous development in their cross-cultural relationship. As one of the participant, I could say that this conversation changed me in a very powerful and positive way. It shapes me into a new person, who is ready to face the outside world with real understanding of humans’ identity and their relations.

If you are interested in joining this conversation, follow the link below.

World In Conversation

World In Conversation

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  1. Casey Sommers says:

    I attended a World In Conversation session recently as a class requirement. I too was hesitant at first, but found myself really interested in what the people in my group had to say. I agree that the experience was a positive one, and encourage other students to attend and start their own conversation about such an important issue that is race relations.

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