Talk a chance for Russia to Step Back on Ukraine

According to the article called “Talks a chance for Russia to Step Back on Ukraine” in The New York Times newspaper, the United States and European nations are deciding on whether to impose additional economic sanction on Moscow. The scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 17 is aimed at testing Russia’s intentions behind its intervention in Ukraine. Charged with supporting separatist protests, Russia will be demanded to stop aiding and abetting this movement, and pull their troops back from the border. To begin with, a senior State Department official warns that if Russia does not “take this opportunity”; “the costs” are going to go up. Then, the author shifts to enumerate how great authorities are participating in this meeting, so as to emphasize the solemnity and intensity of the conference. The names of people of high position are referred to as the author puts together the ideas that this meeting would hold Ukraine and Russia in the same table. The author, however, tears down the prospect that the crisis would be relieved by adding that this breakthrough is “not seemingly encouraging”.

The primary factor that foreshadows the ineffectiveness of this meeting is Russia’s unwillingness to compromise. While Ukrainian officials plan to present the ideas of giving the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine the right to elect their leaders and have more control over local budget, Russia is determined that Ukraine’s eastern provinces become a largely autonomous regions where people could even wield the veto over national issues. Besides, although Ukraine is considering the amnesty to separatists who lay down their arm, 40,000 Russian troops near Ukraine’s border does not show any interests in collaborating with Ukrainian government. Since the turmoil is growing alarmingly in Eastern Ukraine, the author ends this article with several intimidations by the Western authorities. For instance, the NATO’s secretary general asserts that “We will have more planes in the air, more ships on the water and more readiness on land.” Although no exact scheme is yet decided to deal with Russia’s interference in Ukraine, he adds that they would definitely “go along with tougher sanction” and cautions that “serious rupture in business and other ties could take years to heal”.

Meeting Russia vs Ukraine

Meeting Russia vs Ukraine


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