Last but Not Least

Time flies. We have already come to the end of the semester, and eventually, the last blog of mine. To be frank, it takes me so long to finish the blogs each week, and Thursday’s night is always the time when homework of every course piles up with these two blog posts. Having said that, I can’t help being downhearted to think that there will be no more place for me to give vent to all my feelings. This blog is literally one of the best things I have done in the college. Since the very first post, I have a space to express my loneliness as well as my anxiety about getting to a new place, meeting new people and staying in the all new environment. As I become more adjusted to this university and learned more about the issue of diversity, I started thinking if it is a good idea to share the stories about my home country with you from different aspects. Actually, it also began when all the Thai news I received was too frustrating and overwhelming. People fought against one another. Police attacked random civilians. Leaders were corrupted and incompetent. To make matters worse, his majesty the King, who is central to every subject‘s mind, was seriously ill. As one of the scholarship holders who are living on Thai people’s taxes, I can’t really stay here happily while all other citizens who give me this money are suffering. It is as impossible for me to help relieve these oversea situations as it is for me to stay still. I couldn’t help releasing my frustration over this issue in one of my blog posts especially after I saw the Taiwanese students at Penn State gathered to protest their corrupted government. Also, I wish I could contribute to such a positive change, but it is very difficult for my merely little voice to be heard from far away. Having no idea what a better thing I could do, I started describing the situations in my country in many blog posts. It may sound as if I were enumerating all the unpleasant things about my country to the outsiders, which is not what the so-called “patriots” normally do. Yes. I really did. However, I explained all those conflicts in my posts for the sole purpose of showing you the adverse consequences of disharmony. Although I cannot help my country so much via these writings, and still have no idea how these uprisings are going to end, I hope that you will more or less learn from these conflicts and have a brief idea of how to prevent them from happening in your country.

Every coin has two sides. So does my country. I also added, between those disruptive stories, many fascinating things that Thailand has to offer.  From the amazing tourist attractions, strong institution of monarchy to a variety of precious cultures. I hope against all odds that they will better your attitudes towards my country and encourage you all to visit Thailand some days. Last but not least, I would like to thank Dr. J. Pirrone for giving me an opportunity to develop these blog posts and for all her constructive advice and encouragement throughout the semester. Also, thanks so much, all readers. You are the most important contributing part of my blog. I wish I would see you around campus soon (no matter how huge it is). Good bye for this semester. Take care!!

Thailand is waiting for you to explore :)

Don’t forget! Thailand is waiting for you to explore 🙂

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