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Adding New Walks All the Time

As of July 26, we are pleased to report that we have 41 walks currently confirmed across Pennsylvania. If you click on the tab “Where Are the Walks Happening?” at the top of the page, you’ll be able to see a table (alphabetized by county) of those walks offered to date.

We are excited by the new partnerships forming and breadth of support offered to get people out in Penn’s Woods and talking about the benefits of those woods to our health, communities, wildlife, clean water, clean air, and overall quality of life.

We hope you’ll join us too!

2 thoughts on “Adding New Walks All the Time

  1. It is great to see so many walks but I don’t see dates on when they will be. Am I missing something? In particular, I am interested in the one in Chester County.

    1. All of our walks are happening the first Sunday in October, which this year happens to be October 1. We hope to make this an annual event and that people across the state will take to Penn’s Woods the first Sunday in October.

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