It’s All about Solitude!

Do you know the number 1 reason why Pennsylvanians own forests? It’s solitude — that quiet, alone time that empowers us after a crazy, hectic day! A few well-spent hours in a forest can recharge, revitalize, and restore us. As naturalist John Muir puts it, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” It’s no wonder that nearly 12 million acres of Pennsylvania’s woodlands are owned by private forest landowners! About three-quarters of a million people own a part of Penn’s Woods. But, with a total population of 12.5 million people, we need your help in introducing every Pennsylvania citizen to the wonders of our forests through the statewide Walk in Penn’s Woods on Sunday, October 7.

Photo by Laura Kirt

Please support Walk in Penn’s Woods and help us tell the story of all its amazing benefits! And be sure to take time this week to rejuvenate and enjoy Penn’s Woods!

Since Monday, we have received $1,700 towards our goal of $5,000. Donate today Walk in Penn’s Woods 2018 Campaign.

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