For the Love of Trees!

Have you hugged a tree in Penn’s Woods lately? Pennsylvania’s most common forest types are mixed oaks and Northern hardwoods. In fact, Pennsylvania is one of the top producers worldwide of hardwood lumber, with revenues from the state’s wood products industry reaching $11.5 billion a year. The top 10 tree species found in our 16.58 million acres of forest are: 1. Red maple, 2. Black birch, 3. Black cherry, 4. Beech, 5. Sugar maple, 6. Hemlock, 7. White ash, 8. Red oak, 9. Chestnut oak, and 10. Black gum. But some of our favorite species are under attack. Non-native insects and tree diseases increasingly impact Pennsylvania’s forests. Gypsy moth, emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid, chestnut blight, Dutch elm disease, sudden oak death…the list keeps growing. The latest culprit is the spotted lanternfly, which is causing quite a stir throughout the state, especially in the southeastern counties.

Photo by Laura Kirt Studios

Help us raise awareness about the importance of Penn’s Woods and how we can better care for this vital resource. Make your contribution and help share the word: (Walk in Penn’s Woods 2018). And go out and hug a tree today!

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