Walk in Penn’s Woods Contributors


Nancy Baker

Jennifer Benoit

Alyson Boehr

Center for Private Forests at Penn State

Central Susquehanna Woodland Owners Association

Chuck and Lori Coup

Dauphin County Woodland Owners Association

Jim and Linda Finley

Trudy Gerlach

Adam Katrancha

Richard and Jakie Lewis

Ginny Mazzei

Allyson and Norris Muth

Mark Ott

PA Forest Stewards Volunteers

Ruth Park

Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee

Matthew Price

Deborah Reeder

Matthew Sampson

Julianne Schieffer

Roy Siefert

Barbara Sonies

The Forestland Group

Ben Vaupel

Vivian and Ray Williams

Woodland Owners of the Clarion Allegheny Valley