Walk in Penn’s Woods Contributors

We are thankful for our 2019 Walk contributors and partners.

2019 Individual Donors and Sponsors
Allyson, Norris, and Grace Muth, Matthew Sampson, Julianne Schieffer, Sarah Steffner, Barb Sellers, Jim and Linda Finley, Harry and Martha Bryans, Mary Ayres, Blaine Aikin, Don McCann, Richard Lewis, Mark and Olivia Ott, James Kilgore, Henry and Barbara Williams, Renee Carey, Jenny Benoit, Viv Williams, Marc Lewis, Ken Manno, Abby Jamison, Scott Ladner, Gay Thistle, Dave Trimpey, Mike Eckley, Trudy Gerlach, Sarah Newcomb, Peter Linehan, Ellen Rom, Michael Powell, Carol Park, Pennsylvania Division of the Society of American Foresters, Pennsylvania Forestry Association, Pennsylvania Sustaianable FI Implementation Committee, Dauphin County Woodland Owners Association, Bill Courtney, and Four Anonymous Gifts.