Dominican Republic


República Dominicana. Una sequía feroz se siñe sobre el país caribeño, atribuida al fenómeno atmosférico denominado El Niño. Las utoridades dominicana han dado voz de alerta al llegar la reserva de agua a su punto más crítico. Tanto las autoridades del país como sus habitantes han hecho uso irresponsable al necesario mineral. Fotos: Ricardo Hernandez

República Dominicana crisis del agua. Fotos: Ricardo Hernandez.

The Dominican Republic is country of around ten million people located on the east side of the island of Hispaniola. Like the rest of the Caribbean, the geographic location of the Dominican Republic makes it extremely vulnerable to earthquake, tropical storms, and hurricanes. The risk of natural disaster has worsen recently due to climate change. The natural vulnerability of the country combined with high levels or rural poverty, poor use of national resource, and social exclusion have left a significant part of the population with inadequate access to water which translate in the propagation of water-related illnesses. For instance, from October 2010 to December 2011 21,592 cases of cholera were registered and 371 death related to cholera were reported. This is a considerable number for a country of only ten million people.