2016 Celebration of Scholarship

Posters! Posters! Learning about faculty scholarship Explaining Legos Posters! Megan Mac Gregor, librarian extraordinaire! Posters! Cake! Getting ready to view posters Posters! Posters! Posters! Posters! Posters! Posters! Posters! Posters! Posters! Penn State University Libraries water bottles Setting up water bottles Setting up posters Setting up posters Setting up posters Words Words Words exhibit Words Words Words exhibit Banned Books exhibit Banned Books exhibit The Planning Committee (minus 2) Awards! Awards! Awards! Awards!

Photographs by Jennie Levine Knies

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Wednesday, April 21, 2016
12:00 noon – 1:30pm
ARB Gym, Penn State Wilkes-Barre



Best Poster Presentation for APPLIED SCIENCES

93: Ryan Oliver. Legos in the Classroom [Faculty advisor: Jeff Chiampi]

  • This purpose of this poster is to present research on measuring the level of student engagement when introducing hands-on programming projects in a first year programming course.

Best Poster Presentation for NATURAL SCIENCES

83: Malak Abuelhawa, Gabriella Curcio. The Effects of Heat on Metabolism in Crickets [Faculty advisor: Dr. Renee Rosier]

  • We tested the effect heat had on crickets’ metabolism by comparing crickets (and a control group) under a lamp verses another set not under a lamp simultaneously.

Best Poster Presentation for SOCIAL SCIENCES

38: Kyleigh Hoover. Obesity Across America: Who’s to Blame? [Faculty advisor: Melisa Naylor]

  • Western culture is currently following a trend towards a faster paced lifestyle and increasing convenience in everyday life. Concurrently, the increasing demand for food that is also fast and satisfying is leading to a negative trend in nutritional content overall. The desire of corporations and food establishments to increase sales and lower cost leads to a sacrifice of quality of the product. Obesity is becoming a huge social issue in The United States that no one seems to be noticing anymore.

Best Poster Presentation for HUMANITIES

75: Michele Brisco. Theaters of Key West [Faculty advisors: Bill Bachman and Terry Clemente]

  • The theaters, and their histories, of Key West.

Nesbitt Library Information Literacy Award

94: Don Rambus, Tyler Sepcoski, Eric Meriesky, Thomas McMahon. Cyber-Delinquency: The Study of Juvenile Hackers [Faculty advisor: Marshall Davis]

  • This poster was made in presentation of our research on Cyber-Delinquency, with focus on the hacker community.

CMLIT130: Banned Books Award
First place

Honorable Mention

Dr. Rosier’s Telescoping Spoon Award (Biology)

89: Bethany Dennis, Keith Hizny, Kyleigh Hoover. Sex Differences in Metabolic Rate of Brown House Cricket (Acheta domesticus) [Faculty advisor: Dr. Renee Rosier]

  • Respiration provides the necessary oxygen for an organism’s metabolism. Measuring respiration in an isolated system, a respirometer, gives information on that organism’s rate of metabolism. This experiment sought to determine if there was a difference in the basal metabolic rate between the sexes of Acheta domesticus.

Dr. Berzsenyi ‘s Award (Technical Writing)

76: Jacob Arnold, Matthew Emerick. Emotional Evaluation Through Facial Recognition [Faculty advisor: Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi]

  •  This poster was to explored the feasibility and utility of developing an emotional facial recognition camera system for use at academic Institutions.

103: David Breese, Jacob Sorber. Health and Happiness [Faculty advisor: Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi]

  • This poster was based upon the idea that happiness can be achieved by living healthy. They explored how sleep and a proper diet can aid in being a happier and healthier person.

Honorable Mentions

25: Zach Johns. Impacts of Divorce [Faculty advisor: Melisa Naylor]

  • Looking at the impacts of divorce from multiple perspectives, i.e. children, adults, young adults who were children of divorce, and what that means for them developmentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

54: Jordan Behrens, Wyatt McMarlin. Terrestrial Laser Scanner Self-Calibration for Geosciences Applications [Faculty advisor: Dr. Dimitrios Bolkas]

  • The focus of this research will be on calibrating the Topcon GLS-1500 Laser Scanner in order to assess and improve its accuracy. The accuracy of the laser scanner at the millimeter and centimeter level is important, especially for geoscientific applications in the field. Such applications can include underground mine tunnel monitoring and rockfall and landslide site monitoring. This is important in ensuring the safety of employees exposed to these sites on a daily basis as well as anyone else who may be in the immediate vicinity. Increased accuracy may help to better predict the occurrence of such natural disasters and aid in implementing prevention solutions.

57: Kahli Kotulski, Yao Ting Chen. Does Size Matter? A study of Metabolism in Physically Active/Inactive Male Crickets [Faculty advisor: Dr. Renee Rosier]

  • Our project measure the change in metabolism in crickets of two different sizes after exercise and during a resting period. We did this in order to measure how size affects the metabolic rate in crickets.

66: Daniel DeLeo. Trauma & Delinquency: Finding a correlation between early Childhood Maltreatment and later delinquency [Faculty advisor: David Chin]

  • This report is an analysis of a 12 year study by Jennifer Lansford on whether long term early effects of trauma and maltreatment, physical or psychological, hinder overall behavior and academic progress in later adolescence and possibly lead to delinquency.
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