2019 Celebration of Scholarship


Thursday April 11, 2019

12:00 noon – 1:30pm

ARB Gym, Penn State Wilkes-Barre




Best Poster Presentation for APPLIED SCIENCES

095: Jonathan Shea. Penn State Wilkes-Barre Blue Screen Mobile

The development and implementation of a progressive web application to present Penn State Wilkes-Barre’s Blue Screen and Class Cancellation messages to all students in one easy to use program.

(Faculty Advisor: Frouke de Quillettes)

Best Poster Presentation for NATURAL SCIENCES

069: Beth Bartuska, Natalie Gruver, & Alia Mazzatosta, Decomposition of Coral Reefs

This poster examines the process of coral reef bleaching, threats to reefs, and the importance of reefs as a whole.

(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi)

Best Poster Presentation for SOCIAL SCIENCES

090: Sehara Rowles. Human Trafficking within The United States

This poster goes into detail about the targets of human trafficking, what they go through, and how their lives are drastically changed afterward. It also compares the real thing to what we see in the media.

(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lynda Goldstein)

Best Poster Presentation for HUMANITIES

093: Madison Severcool. Sylvia Plath’s Depression

This is a brief description of who Sylvia Plath is, what is depression, what her depression looked like, and how her depression influenced her writing, specifically in her short story Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams.

(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi)


Nesbitt Library Information Literacy Award

037: Kyle Gurzynski. What is the relationship between brand priming and customer behavior

Describes research related to the impact of brand priming on society

(Faculty Advisor: Melissa Naylor)

Best Poster Presentation OVERALL

040: Ashley Herceg. Does Social media enhance Leon Festinger’s social comparison theory

Social Comparison Theory is the comparison between oneself and others that impacts our behavior. Social Media allows us to quickly see and view the lives of those around us. Most of the time we only see the glamour shots and not the behind-the-scenes action. Does this give more opportunity for people to compare themselves to others? And if so how does it affect their behavior?

(Faculty Advisor: Melissa Naylor)


Dr. Rosier’s Telescoping Spoon Award (Biology)

045: Susan Huey. The Blair Family Nail Mystery…Continued

Last year in attempt to solve a family mystery about a nail mutation that is carried through the family research into the family tree and genetic testing was done, few answers were found. This year in another attempt to solve the mystery once and for all a look into the genetics and research that has been done on nail disorders might just provide the answers.

(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Renee Rosier)

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