Greeting Science Olympiad Coach,

First, thanks for volunteering to be part of this year’s Science Olympiad. This event wouldn’t be possible without all your time and hard work.

Those of you with past Olympiad experience will find most of the following point’s familiar, but please review them carefully.

Note: Special accommodations need to be brought to our attention by March 1st, 2020

Please review the Science Olympiad Code of Conduct with your students. It is necessary that everyone be aware of this code and follow it.

Campus Security requests that buses unload and park in the assigned areas in the parking lot at the side entrance to the gym. Security will be on duty to direct the traffic. You will be able to pull up and stop for unloading by the gym entrance. However, due to the large amount of traffic, unloading must be done quickly.

Registration will be from 7:30am – 8:15am and the opening ceremonies will begin promptly at 8:15am.

Please bring your REGISTRATION roster and Media FORMS to the registration desk in the Gym on the morning of the competition when you pick up your coach’s packet. This packet will contain event schedules, campus maps, 15 ID bracelets, and Certificates of Participation for all team members. All team divisions will be identified by color-coded wrist bands. B Division = Blue, and C Division = Red. The supervisors for the events will only allow students with the wrist bands to compete. If a student accidentally removes their wrist-band during the day, they can get a new one, but only by bringing the remains of the old one to H105/107 for an exchange.

The Science Olympiad headquarters on competition day will be in H105 and H107. Any problems or questions should be taken there for assistance.  For weather concerns please check the PSU Wilkes Barre website and watch the local news for updates. All lunches for Supervisors and Judges will be in Hayfield House room 105. Lunch will be extended from 11:00AM-2:00PM. The cafeteria menu will be included with your forms for you to share with your students.

Please note the importance of the impounding required for constructed projects brought to the competition. Your event schedule states which events require impounding.

Next year’s preliminary date for the Science Olympiad will be March 11th, 2020. Any questions please contact me.

Tim Sichler