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Beauty or Beast

Nebraska Tornado

Nick Brichacek, AP

When I look at this image, there are multiple items that stand out to me.  First would be the contrast between the ground and the storm in the sky, clearly the sun is behind the photographer, but the contrast to me has a symbolic meaning.  The dark storm represents the ominous feeling of the destruction that is soon to happen. The light foreground is symbolic of the peaceful tranquility that commonly follow a tornado.  Finally, we have the tornado verse the rainbow.  For many, the tornado would represent the ugliness behind this event, the sheer destructive device that is capable of leveling whole cities and town, causing fear to be the first thought on people’s minds. For me however, the rainbow is what represents my thoughts about tornadoes. I see this tornado for its beauty, and mystery it presents to my choice of major, and my longing to fully understand them.