So if you have watch the Weather Channel at all lately, you’ll see the almost 24 hour coverage of what the Weather Channel is calling Winter Storm Nemo.  This storm is of a Noreaster type, which means it is traveling up the Eastern seaboard and heading directly for the New England states.  What, makes this storm different however?

In this case, there was a low pressure system moving across the country from the west which is merging with the Noreaster.  The combination of the two will bring heavy snow fall to places like Boston and New York City. The storm has the possibility of setting some record snowfall in some locations.

snowimage from meteorology department of Penn State

The low to the left is the system that came from the west and the one on the right is the Noreaster.

Three years ago on this same weekend the US was affected by another Noreaster, the North American Blizzard of 2010. The current storm is following the same approximate path as the blizzard in 2010.  The main difference between the two is the fact that the current storm contains the extra low pressure system.

snow 2010image NOAA GOES Satellite

Image of the North American Blizzard of 2010

In weather around the world, on Monday February 4th, an 8.0 earthquake struck off the coast of the Solomon Islands, causing a medium sized tsunami

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  1. Bryan

    I can’t wait for this snowstorm to hit State College and my hometown back in Albany, NY. My parents have been telling me about it ad how big it was but I didn’t think it was this big. It supposed to hit there hard I guess, I wish i was there. I love snow and would be on the road to the nearest mountain as soon as the roads cleared up. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a day off of school?

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