Super Bowl

Of all of the Super Bowl commercials that aired this year, the one which I felt was the best out of all of them, was the Volkswagen commercial.  Overall the commercial was very believable and it was easy for those who watched it to relate it to their actually life.  Which is something you can’t say for some of the other commercials, such as the Axe Astronaut, or the Wheat Thins commercial with the yeti.

From the very start of the commercial where the office employees state “I hate Mondays”, to the food stuck in the vending machine, I’m sure at some point in time each of these scenes has happened to someone somewhere.  I really enjoy any commercial that is relatable to the aspects of my life.

1 thought on “Super Bowl

  1. jns5309

    It was believable no doubt. Since the one time my Kit Kat bar got stuck in the machine, I have think about that happening again whenever I get something from the Vending Machines. And the commercial was funny. Personally I found the Axe astronaut commercial to be quite stupid, as it didn’t relate anything to the product but just was a sweepstake offer.

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