Spring Break

This spring break is going to be really neat spring break depending on where you decide to give if you are traveling to a typically spring break vacation locations like the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The Outer Banks next week actually has the potential to see some snow.  Which I find really ironic because many people tend to travel there to get away from the weather around here.  A prime example of this is the fact that my special living option, The Earth and Mineral Science House, will be traveling to the Outer Banks as a house trip.  I on the other hand will not be attending.  So I wish everyone safe travels to where every you many  be going.

In other news. You may or may not have heard, that today is officially the first day of meteorological spring.  So what is the main difference between spring and meteorological spring you may ask? Well as you may know spring is caused by our location in relation to the tilt of the Earth’s axis.  In the meteorological world however, it all has to do with temperatures.  Meteorologists break down every season into three month time intervals, and these time intervals are determined by the mean temp for that time.  So for the next three months we should see gradually increasing average temps, in the end leading to meteorological summer.


Many of the weather models we use on a daily basis are starting to indicate some sort of winter storm that will hit the East Coast in the middle of next week.  Here is a possible snow fall accumulation map, from the State College National Weather Service.


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  1. Jay Shah

    I’m not going on spring break but it would be a nice weather. I would have said have fun,but since you are not going to the beach or anything, have fun at home during break.

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