2001 a Space Odyssey

The movie we watched this week in COMM 150, was 2001 a Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick.  Of all of the movies we have seen this semester, Space Odyssey was the only one to cause me to leave the State Theater in complete confusion.  Kubrick’s idea’s were very effective in causing his audience to really think about what he felt was the true meaning of the movie, since this was never truly stated.  One quote from the production crew summed this up, “If you understand 2001, then we have failed”.  Of the whole movie, the last scene really leaves the most to be questioned, as to what is the symbolism in which Kubrick is trying to portray?

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  1. Kevin Candelora

    Yeah, I’ve seen the movie and that was really weird. The whole movie was really weird come to think of it. I guess he was reborn and humanity had a new hope for its future?

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