¿Dónde está primavera?

The question that has many wondering, Where is Spring?  Unfortunately it is truly no where to be found, since this weekend and next week we will most likely staying in the mid forties to lower fifths.  Though its not the sixty or seventy degrees that we all wish would occur, we will have to live.    There will be a slight trough of lower pressure that will bring warmer temperature a head of some rain on Sunday Night.



Unfortunately it’s not to last however, Sunday night we might see the return of precipitation, in the form of rain both Sunday night and through the beginning of the week, at least it should mainly be rain.  But as we all know, here in State College, you never know what might happen.36426099

3 thoughts on “¿Dónde está primavera?

  1. Jay Shah

    I love your title, since I took spanish in high school for one second. For a second, i though I forgot it but it came back and it was a pretty awesome feeling. I am going to hate the rain. I hope its spring before exams time.

  2. Eric Hill

    I really need some warm weather. Every day for the past three weeks I have looked at the five day forecast in hope that it will be true. So far they are still letting me down. I hope to acquire some suns rays soon. This cloudy and cold weather is pretty depressing.

  3. fvl5058

    This is just really unfortunate to hear. This cold weather is so frustrating. It just won’t leave. Hopefully it will warm up in the next two weeks though.

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