What happened in Boston on Monday was a tragedy, and a complete act of terrorism by the Tsarnaev brothers, and believe me I’m glad they got the one and I hope they find the other brother.  However there has always been something I’ve hated, that occurs around every large event like this, or even the fertilizer explosion in Texas.  I hate it when the news organizations try use pathos, and play off peoples emotions, and blow stories right out of the water.  The one article I read to day, was putting a significant amount of emphasis on the date on which one of the brothers became a US Citizen.  So what if he became a citizen last year on September 11th, in honesty, that would our fault, because we schedule the tests.

Or take the explosion in Texas for example, as soon as it occurred, every news corporation was reporting that the explosion was related in some way to the Boston bombing.  Come on people factories blowup, and unfortunately this one took the lives of many.  Today I read an article that stated that the fertilizer was storing the explosive ammonium nitrate.  Yes they would be storing this, because its a fertilizer, its not an explosive until it’s mixed with fuel oil.  The article made it seem as though the owners of the plant were hiding a bomb.  I don’t no why I bother to watch the news any more.

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