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The movie Amistad was produced by Steven Spielberg, and told the story of a group of Africans, and there fight for freedom after causing a mutiny aboard the La Amistad, and being brought to the US to be tried on murder charges.  Through out the film Spielberg make us of pathos, to challenge our on freedom and make us feel a connection between the African’s fight, and our own fight for freedom.  There is one scene in the movie in which shows one of the characters, Cinque begs for freedom while in the courthouse.  This establishes Cinque’s ethos, due to his use of English, which sets him apart from the rest of the group and really established him as the leader of the group due to his intelligence.

During many of the court scenes pathos was used by the lawyers for the Africans, to win over the judge.  One such example is John Adam’s speech about the true meaning of freedom.