A wonderful new opportunity is emerging for anyone who is interested in gaining some research experience. See the copy and pasted message below for details.

Dear Psychology Club students,

Some of you may know me from Psych 100 or Psych 105.  I wanted to let you know about a new opportunity for World Campus psych majors:  an on-line psychology research club.  This is an experimental program to try to provide research opportunities for our on-line undergraduates.  Because it is an experimental program, we’ll be starting small (with a maximum of 5 students).   If you think you might be interested, please read the information below. 


Lisa Stevenson


Penn State World Campus On-line Psychology Research Club

What is the club?

The club will function as an on-line lab group.  It will provide on-line students an opportunity to gain research experience similar to the sort of experience that traditional students get by working in on-campus research labs.

How will it work?

Students will participate in as many facets of the research experience as possible.  As a group, we will read journal articles, discuss and finalize research designs, prepare materials, collect data, and analyze data.  At some point, we may present our findings at a conference and/or write up the results for publication.

What will the club research?

We’ll research gender-related stereotypes and attitudes.  Our first set of studies will focus specifically on attitudes towards breastfeeding mothers.

How much time will it require?

Although time requirements may vary from week to week, please plan to spend at least three hours a week participating in club-related activities.  We’ll start “meeting” at the beginning of the Spring semester, and I would like interested students to commit to participating throughout the entire Spring semester.

 What will I be doing during that time?

Students should plan to participate in discussions at least once a week.  Early in the semester, we’ll plan to read a number of journal articles on our own, and students should plan to read and think about these articles between discussions.   We’ll also brainstorm research ideas and designs.   You may assist during the data collection process (all on-line, of course), and you may also have an opportunity to run some statistics.

We will have some space in ANGEL that will serve as our “lab.”  We’ll “meet” there to discuss ideas and make plans.  Because our members will likely have very different schedules, we won’t have a particular meeting time.  You’ll be able to participate in ongoing discussions as your schedule allows.

How many students will participate?

To begin, the club will include five students. 

How do I join?

Since space in the club is limited, you must apply to participate.  If more than 5 students apply, priority will be given to students who:

         –have completed Psych 301W

        – have a strong GPA (particularly in psychology)

        – have an interest in pursuing a research-oriented graduate degree

       –  have an interest in the topic of gender issues

To apply, please fill out the following application form and return it to lms152@psu.edu on or before December 4th.   Please feel free to contact me (at the same email address) with any questions you may have.


Penn State World Campus On-line Psychology Research Club Application Form


Current GPA:                                     Current psychology GPA:

Planned graduation date:

Have you taken Psych 301W?                If so, what grade did you earn?

What are your current graduate school/career goals?




Describe your interest in the topic of gender issues.


Lisa Stevenson
Psychology Instructor
Penn State World Campus

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