do you have what it takes?

Got some free time over the break? Looking to escape “family fun”? 🙂 The World Campus Psychology Club is looking for your ideas. Take a bit of time and write a blog for the club and post it here. All you have to do is click “Add Entry” on the lower right hand side and type or copy and paste your genius in.

Here are a few suggested topics that you could opt to write about:

1. Something current in the news or your life that you have seen psychology in action

2. Internship process

3. Entrance to major requirements

4. Clinical vs. I/O Psychology (or write about any sub-field for that matter)


6. What Psych courses do you want to see offered at the World Campus? And Why?

7. Interviews: an alum about the program, a faculty member about their research or teaching, current students about how they manage or what they are learning about, practitioners about what they do

8. A review of a great reading you’ve had

9. Anything psychology related that gets you passionate and motivated to share

Who’s up to the challenge?

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