Date of origin: February, 2009

I. Purpose

A. To create and maintain a central and comprehensive resource area intended to support Penn State University World Campus undergraduate psychology students by:

1. Building a sense of community and identity where members can share ideas and experiences

2. Encouraging members to pursue and excel in their present and future education goals

3. Fostering developing interests in professional fields of psychology

4. Providing opportunities for members to enhance the leadership and communication skills necessary for success in academic and other pursuits

II. Membership

A. At all times, the majority (50%+1) of all active members shall be officially registered undergraduate students of the World Campus of The Pennsylvania State University.

B. The membership shall be divided into active and associate members.

1. Only currently employed faculty, staff, and currently registered students are eligible for active membership.

2. All others interested in furthering the purpose of the World Campus Psychology Club shall be associate members. Only active members may hold office, vote, preside, officiate, or solicit funds on behalf of the organization.

C. At all times, there shall be at least 20 active student members in the World Campus Psychology Club.

D. The World Campus Psychology Club reserves the right to expel a member who is not following the policies of the organization with a super majority vote of attending members – quorum is 33% of active members.

E. The World Campus Psychology Club will not restrict membership based on characteristics of a student, which are intrinsic to the identity of that student, and are not essential to the potential value of that student as a member of that organization and the Penn State University Community at large. The Pennsylvania State University prohibits discrimination and harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national
origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status. Discrimination or harassment against faculty, staff or students will not be tolerated at The Pennsylvania State University.

F. New Membership and Recruitment

1. Any and all new members will be given full disclosure during recruitment, including but not limited to the disclosure of:

a. New Membership Manual

b. Schedule of New Member Events and Activities

c. List of Responsibilities

d. Copy of University Hazing policy, prescribed by Policies and Rules for Student Organizations
(This document will be available upon request by the Office of Student Activities).

2. All members, including but not limited to new members and recruits, reserve the right to refrain from participating in any activities without consequence, based upon personal/religious beliefs, personal values, or moral reserve as defined by the member.

3. Any and all interaction/activity between members and/or new members will be limited to guidelines stated by university policy, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

III. Officers

A. Both full-time and part-time officially registered active student members shall be eligible to serve as appointed or elected officers.

B. Offices

1. The President is the spokesperson for the organization. The President presides at all meetings.

2. The Vice-President shall serve as President when the President is unable to do so.

3. The Treasurer shall be charged with handling all organizational finances.

4. The Secretary will record, organize and distribute organization notes when necessary.

C. Filling unexpired vacancies:

1. Nominations are taken at the meeting following the vacancy. Elections also occur at this meeting.

2. If a majority (50%+1) is not obtained by any of the candidates, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes is eliminated, and the active members shall vote again.

3. When nominations are being taken to fill unexpired terms, any member of the organization may nominate another member of the organization.

IV. Meeting

A. The World Campus Psychology Club will meet at least two times per semester by using available technology resources.

B. Adequate advance notice of meetings will be given to all active members.

C. The President with the consent of the Vice President may change meeting frequency.

D. Members shall be notified of all meetings by e-mail.

E. The President may call special meetings should he/she see fit.

V. Voting

A. Only active members may vote.

B. Quorum for all voting shall be thirty-three percent (33%) of the active membership.

C. A simple majority (50% +1) shall be necessary for all voting. This majority shall be derived from the active members present.

VI. Finances

A. All World Campus Psychology Club funds are to be deposited and handled exclusively through the Associated Student Activities (ASA) in 240 HUB.

B. The World Campus Psychology Club will not have an off-campus account(s).

C. The Officers of the World Campus Psychology Club may spend up to $50 of the organization’s funds without the approval of the general membership.

VII. Elections

A. Nominations and elections shall take place during each spring semester.

B. Members interested in running for office shall post a descriptive summary of their qualifications and explanation inside the designated folder and the election meeting shall be publicized.

C. Elections codes:

1. Elections shall be held by polling all active members. Each active member shall have one vote per office.

2. If 50%+1 cannot be obtained, the candidate with the lowest number of votes shall be dropped from consideration, and the active members shall vote again.

3. In the event of a tie, the ballot will be recast.

D. All officers serve for a term of one year, beginning in the month following elections and ending the month of elections.

E. No one involved in conducting the elections may be an official candidate.

VIII. Amendments to the Constitution

A. Amendments to this constitution may be introduced at the conclusion of any meeting. Voting shall occur at the meeting following its introduction, with the amendment taking effect following Office of Student Activities approval.

B. Any member may introduce a constitutional amendment at the conclusion of any meeting. At the following meeting, the active members shall vote on the amendment, as outlined in the article on voting. If the amendment passes, it shall be sent to the Office of Student Activities for approval.

C. All amendments are subject to the approval of the Office of Student Activities.

IX. Parliamentary Authority

A. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, by Sarah Corbin Roberts shall be used in all cases not covered by this constitution.

X. Accessibility of this Constitution

A. Copies of this constitution shall be made available to anyone upon request.

XI. Advisor

A. This organization must retain an advisor at all times. The advisor will be a full-time faculty or staff member of The Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus and will be chosen by the organization.

B. This organization will choose an advisor through a majority vote.

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