Shrivastava appointed as new director of Pennsylvania State University Sustainability Institute

Recently, Shrivastava has been appointed as director of the Sustainability Institute at Pennsylvania State University. Included here is a link and some background info.

“As the director of Future Earth, Shrivastava helped establish five global hubs and four regional centers, as well as transdisciplinary “Knowledge Action Networks” to extend the impact of the organization’s research projects and its network of 50,000 scientists.
Shrivastava said, “I am very excited about Penn State’s wide disciplinary base, its interdisciplinary research and deep engagement with communities across its 23 campuses. With the University’s traditional strengths in agriculture, engineering, healthcare, arts and humanities, we are uniquely positioned to lead the Commonwealth and the country in implementing sustainable development goals and the global Agenda 2030 agreement that the United States signed in 2015.”

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