Our Officers

Founder & President:

Jessica Leitner

Jessica has been attending Penn State World Campus for a year and a half and is currently pursuing a degree in business with a focus in management and marketing. Jessica is from the Greater Pittsburgh Area and is currently interning for a finance company. She decided to found the WCSC after a conversation with her academic advisor. Jessica has worked really hard to get the club to this point and is excited to see it take off. Her main goal when first starting this club was to expand knowledge of issues pertaining to sustainability and spread awareness about these issues to others. Since beginning this club, Jessica has learned so much about sustainability and has made simple changes to make an impact. She hopes to continue to make changes and encourage others to make changes towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Vice President:

Annabelle Sullivan

Annabelle is a sophomore, currently pursuing a B.S. in Energy & Sustainability Policy. During the week, she can be found at a global non-profit, working to transform global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low carbon future. She was thrilled to fund the WC Sustainability club and sees it as an important venue to encourage action and engagement in communities large and small. She is always looking for ways to challenge her thinking and find innovative ways to live sustainably.

Annabelle lives in Washington, D.C., and enjoys traveling; her most recent trip was a 4-day hike to Machu Picchu. In her spare time, she can be found tending to her garden plot, watching live music, or attempting to cook her way through her very large cookbook collection.



Justin Bowen

Justin is a sophomore, majoring in energy and sustainability policy at Penn State World Campus. His professional background with a major company that provides process automation products and services to organizations throughout the economy ultimately drove him to the ESP program at Penn State. Seeing up close how the products that we consume are produced gave him a deep awareness of the impact of our daily consumption. He sees being a part of the WC Sustainability Club as an opportunity to share his experiences with people who might be new to the idea of sustainable living as well as to gain new knowledge from others.

Justin currently lives in Commerce Twp, MI, which is an outer suburb of Detroit. He works as a service engineer for a machine tool manufacturer. He has an 11-year old son, a nurse practitioner fiancé, a boxer, and two other terrible dogs.



Sophie Mace

Sophie is a senior at Penn State World Campus majoring in Economics. She moved to Destin, FL from Arkansas earlier this year. Sustainability has always been very important to her, especially when it comes to the environment, so she quickly joined the sustainability club after she heard about it! She is excited to see the how the club grows during this upcoming semester.

In her spare time, Sophie enjoys chilling out on the beach, curling up with a good book, or watching a movie with her husband and their pets.

Web Team Coordinator:

Ivan D. Rogers II


Membership Coordinator:

Gabrielle McNichol

Gabrielle is a sophomore at Penn State World Campus, majoring in International Politics with a concentration in International Relations. Gabrielle is a national service member and it was during her term of service where she grew to understand the importance of sustainable living. During Gabrielle’s term of service, she traveled around the US helping with the recruiting department. She has also traveled and lived abroad to Teach English as a Foreign Language. Living abroad and around the US, Gabrielle has been able to experience a variety of living styles, which has helped her take action and promote practical, realistic, and sustainable practices.As membership coordinator, Gabrielle strives to encourage a positive and all-inclusive environment for the Sustainability club through a range of outreach techniques to get everyone involved!


Julia Ross

Haley Sankey