On March 15th, club officials came together to meet with our Advisor, Professor Hills for the first time since the club was formed. The officers had many questions regarding events and clubs at University Park being made more available to World Campus Students. Club VP Ron Long inquired about possible collaborations with other clubs such as the CyberLions and Club President Rae Baker asked about possibly streaming more of the HackPSU event. Professor Hills offered to look into any events we had an interest in and see if we can get the equipment to stream it for World Campus. As a club member, if you see an event that you think the club would benefit from having streamed live please reach out to club officers! In addition, Prof. Hills spoke with the president of the on-campus clubs CCSO and Emerging Technology and we are working on a collaboration with them.

Some other things discussed:

  • Prof Hills believes the club would benefit from taking on an ambitious project each semester to create something tangible
  • The club could possibly work on a Raspberry Pi project and take the results and set up one of the engagement stations locally at PSU
  • Prof Hills will be posting a series of training videos for competition prep
  • Officers and Prof Hills discussed an annual meetup at University Park for members
  • Prof Hills also suggested the club use events to expand on training that we won’t get in class such as certifications, Linux, etc.

The main focus for the club at this point is setting a club-wide meeting schedule and deciding on an ambitious project for possibly the fall semester.

For more information on this meeting please see the WCTC Board Meeting notes from 3/15 or listen to the Zoom recording in our Teams Board files. And as always, if you have any suggestions please reach out to club officers!

Club Officials have First Meeting with Advisor, Professor Hills