Patry Thach is a second semester IST major focusing on Cybersecurity. His plan is to graduate with a Bachelors in IST and work on becoming a CISO or Director of Technology. Regardless of what role he takes on in the future, he’d like to concentrate primarily on cybersecurity and business technology. He’s also studying for the CISSP certification and hopes to complete the exam by 2020. Another goal of Patry’s is to speak Mandarin fluently, by the time he graduates. He had previously studied Mandarin in high school and is thankful to be able to continue studying this summer.

Outside of school, Patry’s greatest passion is music. He began producing music when he was only thirteen years old and still makes time to produce music between studying and working. While staying up to date on the latest technology trends, video games, and pop culture. On the weekends, Patry enjoys going on road trips, exploring the outdoors, writing poetry, and reading. His favorite activity though, is spending time with his three-year-old son.

Patry’s word of advice is, “always be the one that is giving. Take the opportunity to give when you can. Gifts have a beautiful meaning when given from the heart and with a purpose. You may not receive anything back, but you’ll always be rewarded in ways that will guide you through your life.” These words were instilled in him by his mother and he chooses to live by them encourage others to do the same.

Meet the Members-Patry Thach