On 4/11/19 the Tech Club held a meeting to educate members on the Raspberry Pi and to discuss project ideas with Professor Hills. Club officer Adam Snyder gave a great presentation displaying his last Raspberry Pi project where he created a Magic Mirror to display things like date, time, RSS feed, etc. As a club, we tossed around several ideas for our project including a photo booth and water desalination using the Pi. The goal of this project is to create something cool to display at the University Park campus to show off what we can do, as well as for use in our individual resumes. Professor Hills provided some much-needed motivation for the club and some ideas to get us thinking. If you would like to watch this meeting, it is located in the tabs at the top of our General Channel on the Teams Board. If you have an idea for the project, please reach out to an officer on the board.



Raspberry Pi Club Meeting with Professor Hills