Meet Adam Snyder #2! Adam is a (pre-major) Security and Risk Analysis major with a concentration in Information and Cyber Security. He is currently in his second semester with World Campus, but considered a Sophomore through transfer credits. Adam has worked in IT professionally for 15 years, but would like to move into the security side of the industry. He has always had an interest in the security side of IT and with every new exploit he hears about, he’s curious how people figured out how to make it work. Adam compares it to a puzzle, only with often major consequences.

Adam was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania and served in the US Air Force, where he lived in the cold of Alaska, the heat of Iraq, and a few more temperate places in between. Outside of school, Adam enjoys regular game nights with his family and friends, hiking, and Geocaching. He is an Air Force veteran with a wife and two kids and a dog. For those that don’t know, we have two Adam Snyder’s in our tech club. This Adam Snyder has also met the other Adam Snyder years before either had enrolled in Penn State University! A very small world indeed! Thank you Adam for your service and best of luck in your studies!

Meet a Member: Adam Snyder #2