Meet Elizabeth Brandon! 

From Birmingham, Alabama, Elizabeth is a fifth semester Information Science and Technology major focusing in Networking and is expected to graduate May 2020.  Elizabeth loves technology and discovering how things work.  For years, she has worked in the medical field, but always felt like it wasn’t quite right for her to be in that position.  She’s always had a love for technology and grew up in the time where the Internet was just becoming a thing.  She witnessed first hand how technology has evolved and decided she wanted to be a part of that.  While Elizabeth’s degree focus is in Networking, she loves to code!  She says, “I find it fun to learn new programming languages and the challenge of that keeps me intrigued.”  In the future, she’s hoping to be a full-stack developer and work for a company that makes a positive impact on society.  Elizabeth says she wants people to love the technology they have and to be able to create some of that would be an amazing experience. 

Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys a good concert and exploring historical sites and has a love for anything space related.  She loves catching a meteor shower, eclipse, or viewing special exhibits featuring anything astronomy. 

Meet a Member: Elizabeth Brandon