A morning in China

A very exciting treat for our readers this week!


Sarah Ma.JPGMy colleague, Sarah (left), is on a recruitment trip in China and graciously volunteered to share her experiences on this blog. Thanks, Sarah!








And now for our first update……


It’s full of activity, which, as they say, is contagious.


New Picture.jpgHorns, sounds of classical music with dancers in front of shopping centers, elementary students being dropped off by their parents, peddlers attracting customers to their delicious “bing” (Chinese bread) or “jo” (something like a porridge), motorcycles, squeaking breaks, traffic guards shouting. Its 7AM when the morning air is the freshest and the excitement grabs me the most.

I did a happy dance 2 years ago when I was offered an admissions position at Penn State Greater Allegheny. Spending the past 7 ½ years in China, the way I always described my home state was to make reference to Penn State. Curiosity hit me when I passed a Penn State campus near my humble new home in Versailles, about three minutes from Penn State Greater Allegheny. I checked online and have been blessed with the kindest, most creative, and encouraging director I have ever had in my work experience. But for me, the opportunity to travel back to a country that feels like a second home to me is what makes me the most blessed. In a way, it’s a full circle.

I’m in the southern part of China for ten days visiting high schools, attending fairs, meeting many local people and learning more about how parents feel about western education. Most Chinese parents are the decision makers when it comes to education. Lin, a cool Shanghai-based engineer I met on the flight over, told me that nowadays women are making more money than men and are often the ones who control the finances in the family, so I should focus on convincing mothers about the benefits of studying abroad.

Over the next two weeks, I plan to share with you a tidbit of south China experiences. Penn State is committed to enrolling a diverse student body and it’s people like me who go all out to make that happen.


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