Manicures, massages…and 13-hour days!

Another update from my colleague Sarah, who is keeping very busy on her recruitment trip in China…


DSCN1565.JPGFor me, recruiting students for Penn State abroad is full-on: ten days, starting at 7am daily and finishing by 8pm nightly. Plus, the ten-day stretch is coupled with international travel on either side. The jetlag involved with demanding my brain and body to switch from am to pm instantaneously is a bit overwhelming. No days off and often little chance to have a peek at the city outside of the high school walls or fair I’m attending.  By no means am I complaining. I arranged my own schedule after all and tried to make it as compact and valuable as possible so I can get back to my eight-year-old, who should be sending me Halloween photos of him dressed as Dark Vader any day now.

But the evening opportunity to venture outside and find a local spot offering some type of girly pampering makes the hard work sooo worth it. The price I pay is about $8 for a manicure, $7 for a massage, and less than $1 to have my hair washed.  By far, my favorite is the cheapest one–getting  my hair washed. A local salon offers to dry wash my hair and massage my face, head, neck, shoulders, back, and arms for about one hour. The trick is to find a less-sleazy parlor. You have to watch out for those 24-hour salons. You gotta wonder if they’re really giving hair cuts at 4am?!

Three days ago in Hangzhou I got a massage by a blind lady. She definitely believed in the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. Today my shoulders are still tender, but my neck is so comfortable.  And tonight after a high school visit in Guangzhou I got a foot massage. A host recommended I order “Ceduxion” which I later discovered was big mistake on my part. It was actually a seductive foot massage with rose petals and all.

I’m sharing with you the photo we took at the high school in Guangzhou. Despite the fact that I spent my twenties living in China, I’ve experienced so many awkward and silly moments that I can’t seem to take a photo where my smile isn’t cheesy. In fact I’m still laughing about that foot massage…

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