A farewell from China…

And now for a quick farewell from Sarah, who is returning home to Pennsylvania after a two-week recruitment trip in China…

For my last blog entry, I wanted to share how Chinese people’s awareness of Pittsburgh and Penn State has increased significantly. It goes without saying, the G-20 Summit served as a window to the world for us in the Burgh, (although most of the windows in the Pittsburgh areas were boarded shut for the meeting). In 2000, when I first moved to China, someone always asked me where I was from, and I always responded by asking them: “Do you know Penn State University?” Now, I can say “Pittsburgh,” and Chinese people instantly knew where I was from.

For me and for Penn State Greater Allegheny, this experience has been very cool! Have a peek at these 2 photos. In the first one, I have a ridiculously cheesy grin when I spotted a Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt on the streets in Guangzhou….



sarahpitt.JPG…and in the other I am sitting in the Pennsylvania Trade Office in Shanghai. Yes, that background is home-sweet-home for me.











Now, time for a fourteen-hour flight. Zaijian!


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