Turkey Week Top 10

Typically, you hear Top 10 lists and countdowns just before we ring in the New Year. But being that admissions season is now in full swing, I thought there was no better way to celebrate this joyous time of year than with a Top 10 list.

So with the help of my friendly feathered friend (see below), we’ve created a list of the most frequent admissions questions we get this time of year. This list is especially for first-year students, but check back soon for FAQs for transfer and international students.



In no order of importance, they are… (drum roll, please…)



I submitted my application Sept. 30. My friend heard back last week, but I haven’t heard anything from Penn State yet. Should I be worried?

No. If you get a completed application to us by Nov. 30, you will hear back from Penn State by the end of January. There is no rhyme or reason to the order in which we release decisions, so please, be patient : )


I submitted my application to Penn State, but I also want to apply for financial aid. How can I do that?

The only form that you need to submit to be eligible for financial aid is the FAFSA form. You can access it online at www.fafsa.gov around Jan. 1. We recommend that you file this by Feb. 15 for maximum consideration for financial aid. Make sure when you fill out the FAFSA that you select Penn State to receive your financial information.


I submitted my application, but I want to change my major/campus or add a personal statement. How can I do that?

Once you have submitted the online portion of your application, you cannot make changes to it. If you would like to change your major or campus choice, please e-mail us through your MyPennState account. Be sure to include your name, hometown and date of birth with your request so that we can locate your record and better assist you.


Do I need to wait for my standardized test scores or high school transcripts to be submitted before I submit the online portion of my application?

No! You should submit the online portion of your application as soon as possible. It is easier for us to match up your records if you have already submitted the online application.  If material such as your transcripts or standardized test scores are sent to us before you submit the online portion of your application, these changes WILL NOT be reflected on your online application. You need to submit your application before you can see an updated application status on your MyPennState account.


I was offered admission to Penn State. How can I find out about housing?

Ten of our twenty undergraduate campuses have on-campus housing. Visit the Housing, Food Services & Residence Life page for more information.


I received a letter stating that I was not offered admission to the Smeal College of Business. What are my options?

Admission to the Smeal College of Business is extremely competitive, and for that reason we are only able to offer admission to a limited number of students. Your options will vary. Depending on what the letter states, you may be eligible for the 2+2 program, where you would start your degree at a campus other than University Park and then come to University Park to finish your degree. You also may be eligible for another academic program or campus. If you are confused about your options at Penn State, please call or e-mail us through your MyPennState account.


What happens if I don’t get the major or campus choice that I want?

Chances are you still have options at Penn State! If we are unable to offer you admission to your requested campus and/or major, we will contact you to ask if you are interested in a different academic program and/or campus. We can only accept one major choice on the application, but we do recommend that you put a first- and alternate-choice campus because it increases the chance that you will get an offer of admission to Penn State.


I am applying to the Schreyer Honors College. Do I need to submit the Penn State application and the Schreyer Honors College applications at the same time?

No. You should submit your Penn State application as soon as possible. As a reminder, the supplemental application for Schreyer Honors College must be submitted by Nov. 30. Admission to the honors college is not contingent upon your offer of admission to Penn State.


I know your recommended application date is Nov. 30. What happens if you don’t get my standardized test scores or other required material until after this date?

First-year students that have completed applications to us by Nov. 30 have the best chances at getting their campus and major of choice. If you do not have all materials to us by that date, it may be tougher to get the major and campus that you want because fewer spaces are available.


Where can I send my resume or letters of recommendation?

Penn State does not use letters of recommendation or resumes when we evaluate applications. The best way for you to tell us additional details about yourself is by filling out personal statement and activities list portions of the application.

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