highlights of my travels

One thing you might not know about Penn State is that we travel all over the world to recruit students. We also have recruiters who travel all over the states. This past week, I had the opportunity to travel to New Haven and Hartford, Conn., for some college fairs, and every time I travel (which is usually less than a handful of times each year, although my colleagues tend to get out much more) I am always amazed by how intensely popular we are. The constant flood of prospective students and parents near our table requires us to have more than one representative at larger fairs. Thanks to the help of our alumni volunteers, that help is always there if we need it.

Not only am I always amazed with our popularity, but I’m also amazed at the wide range of questions that we get. Here’s a small sampling from my recent travels, in no particular order:


– From an eighth-grader: “Is Joe Paterno still going to be around when I get there?”

– “Penn State! Oh, I’ve heard of you guys. What state are you in?”

– “Do you guys have a football team?”


For the record, yes, we do have a football team, and we are in Pennsylvania. As for Joe Paterno, your guess is as good as mine…

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