So, you’re gonna be a Penn Stater…

If you’ve accepted your Penn State offer of admission for summer or fall, congratulations! We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join the more than 15,000 Penn Staters who will be joining our family across our 20 undergraduate campuses in the coming months.

So, now that you’ve accepted your offer of admission, you’re probably thinking, “Cool, now what?”

Depending on when you accepted your offer, you may have already received information about FTCAP, our First-Year, Testing, Consulting, and Advising Program. The first component of this is online testing. FTCAP includes placement testing in English, math, and chemistry. No need to stress out over these – they’re to benefit you throughout the advising and educational planning process.

After you take your placement tests, you and your family will be invited to FTCAP at your campus, where there will be a day’s worth of activities scheduled.. and most importantly, you will meet with an academic adviser to schedule your first semester of classes.

My best advice for this day: take full advantage of all the opportunities. This includes not only asking the right questions when scheduling classes and during other activities, but also mingling with other students. Believe it or not, so many students each year make friends during FTCAP. Some only strike up conversations that day and leave it at that, but more often than not, students find themselves meeting future roommates and starting lasting friendships.

What FTCAP stories or questions do you have?

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